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Developed by: 258 Productions AB - The Adventure Company (2003) - First-Person Graphic Adventure - Rated: Teen

Traitors Gate 2 presents a future where the world economy is threatened by a computer virus that could shut down all entertainment, security systems, and most of the military. Players, as agent Raven, must find the secret lab where the virus has been developed, copy the virus, destroy the lab, and escape to safety. Time, of course, is running short, and Raven is stuck in an ancient Babylonian crypt with many puzzles to solve.

From the Manufacturer: Adventure game sequel. The world has seen all kinds of weapons of mass destruction: nuclear, chemical and biological. Now the threat is digital. A virus, simple in concept yet catastrophic in effect, has been developed. Its target is the communication systems of the world. It will shut down all digital entertainment, economic trade and cripple the military, causing breaches in all security systems and global mass chaos. There is only enough time to send one operative. His codename: Raven. His mission: to find the virus, copy it and then destroy the research lab where it is located.

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