The Official Guide to Babylon 5 [Hybrid PC/Mac Game]

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Brand New
Release Date
October 26, 1997
Player Count
Single Player
Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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Developed by: Sierra On-Line - Sierra (1998) - Home Entertainment - Rated: Kids to Adults
The Official Guide to J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5 takes you on a guided tour of the massive five-mile-long space station from the successful Babylon 5 television series. One of three guides will take you on a guided tour of the famous B5, one of two humans or a Gaim (one of the many alien races in the Babylon 5 universe). Each guide has a different and wildly divergent opinion on various people on the station. The Gaim, for instance, were at war with the Narn, so the guide's opinion of G'kar (the Narn ambassador to the space station) is very low, and she exults in the way the Narn people's fortunes have fallen.
The CD is filled with Quicktime movies, showing the characters, places, and gadgets of the show. Some of the best moments from the show are contained in the movies.
From the Manufacturer: Set course with Captain John Sheridan, Ambassador Delenn, and the inhabitants of Babylon 5 for an in-depth tour of the immense Babylon 5 universe. This interactive reference guide is loaded with hundreds of photos, sound, and video clips--from the inner workings of the space station to the outer reaches of the galaxy. You'll learn so much about the histories, biographies, and technical workings of Babylon 5 that you'll be ready to sign on for a tour of duty.
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