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Developed by: Fun Labs - Activision Value Publishing (2002) - First-Person Shooter - Rated: Mature

From Romanian developer FUN Labs, known for first-person shooters like Revolution and Secret Service, comes Shadow Force: Razor Unit. The title descriptively combines the two main elements of gameplay: stealth and the ability to cut to the heart of global terrorism by infiltrating enemy compounds and foiling destructive plots. As a member of the Air Force Special Operations Group, players can engage in both single player and multiplayer scenarios, including air traffic control, calling in air strikes, and firefights in support of a team of Army Rangers.

An arsenal of realistically modeled weapons comes in two distinct categories: pointed (shoot from the hip) and aimed (eye level). Specific firearms include sub-machineguns (Uzi, MP-5 Suppressed), shotguns (M870 Mk.5), rifles (M4 Carbine, Model 1947 Assault Rifle, XM36), sniper rifles (M25), handguns (M9), and other heavy weapons (XM179 Grenade Launcher, Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, Stinger). For stealth and infiltration work, players can utilize a knife, remote and tripwire-detonated explosives, and frag grenades.

Shadow Force: Razor Unit offers four modes of gameplay (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Survival) for up to eight players. Specific arena maps include barracks, bunker, palace, boat, graveyard, courtyard, ruins, garrison, citadel, refinery, warfare, temple, and fortress. Prior to multiplayer action, the person hosting the session can also select kit and model restrictions.

From the Manufacturer: Full multiplayer combat compatibility: lan and internet ready; over a dozen multiplayer arenas for the seasoned veteran full of devastating firepower; four multiplayer game modes: deathmatch, survival, capture the flag and team deathatch; 10 solitary counter terrorism missions to find and destroy leaders of terrorist cells; use stealth or call in special stinger missiles for reinforcements, the action doesn't get any more life-like than this; storyline is ripped from the headlines of today's leading newspapers.

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