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M - Mature
Release Date
March 17, 1997
Player Count
Single Player
Ripcord Games

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PC/Mac Hybrid - Third-Person 3D Shooter - Rated: Mature
Plot: Kill people. Sub-plot: Kill anything that moves. That, in a nutshell, is the entire purpose of Postal, the shooting game published by Ripcord Games. The basic story is very simple. One day you wake up, walk out of your house with a weapon in hand, and begin blowing away every single living thing you can set your eyes on. It doesn't matter if the victims in this quiet little sleepy town of Paradise, Arizona, are policemen, medics or innocent bystanders (and there are hundreds of them), they are all targets for your rampaging, murderous character. 
Killing indiscriminately, you travel from one (town location) map to another, leaving behind a bloody trail of bodies and carnage. With a large number of weapons to choose from and an assortment of victims to blast your way through, Postal is action filled from bloody beginning to violent end. The game's single-minded purpose notwithstanding, Postal comes with potential for sound and level editing so you can personalize it and allows for multiplayer mayhem with up to fifteen other players. Featuring inhumane, cold blooded killing and no purpose other than to lay waste to as many fellow human beings as possible, Postal truly stands in a zone of its own -- a killing zone. Be forewarned, Postal is definitely not for the squeamish or moralistic purist.
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