Developed by: Monster Games, Inc - Hasbro Interactive (2000) - Racing - Rated: Everyone

In addition to regular season stock car racing, NASCAR Heat PC Game focuses on alternative modes designed to "heat up" the
action for fans not interested in long-term campaigns. Beat the Heat offers 36 challenges in six increasingly difficult "sets"
(superspeedway, speedway, short course, advanced, NASCAR race, and High Octane), while Race the Pro tests your skills against
racing lines established at various venues by professional drivers like Bobby Labonte and Dale Earnhardt, Jr..

In single race action, choose a car belonging to one of 27 famous NASCAR stars and race against the field in an event from the
NASCAR 2000 event schedule. Race day consists of practice, qualifying, car setups, garage (adjustments), and the race.
Customization features include realism settings, opponent strength, length of the race, number of opponents, tire wear and gas
usage, flags, pit road driving controls, and a ghost mode.

As in single races, Championship mode allows you to race using a specific driver's car through the entire grueling NASCAR
season. Options are the same as in single player but racing parameters are set at the beginning of the season rather than on a
race-by-race basis. Up to 16 players can compete via LAN or Internet connection with options for chatting (e.g., ICQ or AOL
Instant Messenger) between participants.

Eleven camera perspectives are offered for viewing replays, along with a paint kit for customizing the car of your dreams. The
Hasbro #113 car is available for gamers not wanting to substitute for a real driver. Five difficulty settings, ranging from rookie to
champion, allow both novices and experts to compete at their own skill levels.

From the Manufacturer: It's all new pedal to the metal, door-to-door racing action with 30 of the best drivers in NASCAR. Choose
your favorite driver and race against a full field of cars at one or all the NASCAR tracks in a single race or a Championship
Season. In the Beat the Heat Challenges, players take on a number of exciting challenges designed around scenarios that actually
occur in NASCAR racing. These challenges capture all the thrills, drama and split-second decisions of race day moments such as
whether or not to pit for new tires to win a race or when to pass traffic at a particular track. In Race the Pro, players test
themselves against the best by racing against "phantom" cars driven by real NASCAR Winston Cup Drivers. Best of all NASCAR Heat
adjusts to individual skill levels making every race fun, competitive action for the whole family. If you can't take the Heat...get
off the track.

Special Features: Appeal to casual racing fans and hardcore sim lovers; features cars, sponsors, and tracks from the 2000 season;
several different modes of play; a time-attack mode; pick the track and keep pace with the ghost times of actual NASCAR drivers.

Players: 1-8
Controller: Gamepad,Joystick,Steering Wheel
NASCAR Heat [PC Game]
Copyright  2002 - 2009 O'Leary Enterprise's Inc.
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive
Release Date: August 23, 2000
Developer: Monster Games, Inc.
Genre: Racing
UPC: 076930996133
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: E (Everyone)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 / 98 I
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NASCAR Heat [PC Game]
NASCAR Heat [PC Game]
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