EverQuest II: All-In-One Pack (Rise of Kunark) (PC Games, 2007)
EverQuest II: All-In-One Pack [Rise of Kunark] [PC Game]
Developed by: Sony Online Entertainment - Sony Online Entertainment (2007) - Persistent World Online RPG - Rated: Teen

Sony Online's EverQuest II: All-in-One Pack lets players explore the persistent world of Norrath as well as the content found in
three adventure packs and the first four expansion packs. "Desert of Flames" introduces competitive battles within dedicated
arenas, while "Kingdom of Sky" incorporates new enhancements, abilities, and level ranges. "Echoes of Faydwer" features a
continent available for all players to enjoy, regardless of level, as well as a new flying race called the "Fae."

"Rise of Kunark" unveils yet another new race, the Sarnak, as players explore a mysterious land ravaged by war. The retail release
of this compilation includes a 16x20 double-sided poster, a 5x7 collectible card, and the "Legends of Norrath" online trading card
game. A digital starter deck is also included along with a booster pack and loot item to help players become familiar with the
game's strategic nuances. While EverQuest II is free to play for 30 days, a paid subscription is required to continue adventuring.

From the Manufacturer: The fourth expansion pack for EverQuest II, Rise of Kunark features hundreds of new quests, promising
exciting adventures and encounters, including class Epic Weapon quests for all classes. Rise of Kunark introduces a new playable
race, the Sarnak. This dragon-like humanoid inhabits the jungle islands of Timorous Deep, a new starting location for
adventurers. Timorous Deep presents a wealth of new content for levels 1-20, and is one of the many new zones being developed
for this expansion. Many of these zones are based on favorite gameplay areas from the original EverQuest, such as Karnor's
Castle, the Lake of Ill Omen, Sebilis and Veeshan's Peak. Guilds, adventurers, and artisans can expect to benefit from a raised level
cap, as all level caps are raised to 80, in addition to new solo, group, and raid content for levels 65-80. Players will also be able
to explore this new world astride a new mount -- the rampaging Kunarkian Rhino. Dozens of new NPCs, as well as a host of new
weapons and armor await players as they explore and unravel the mysteries surrounding the beautiful, yet dangerous continent of
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Release Date: November 13, 2007
Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Genre: Role-Playing
UPC: 814582412225
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista I
Buy For: $19.99 - $19.99
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EverQuest II: All-In-One Pack [Rise of Kunark] [PC Game]
EverQuest II: All-In-One Pack [Rise of Kunark] [PC Game]
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