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Quake [PC Game]
Developed by: id Software - id Software (1996) - First-Person Shooter - Rated: Mature

After Doom revolutionized first-person shooters, Quake raised the bar and set standards featuring improved visuals in a 3D
environment, excellent controls, numerous monsters and a vast online experience. Much darker in theme, the four dimensions
contain cathedrals, tombs of the undead, base installations and nightmarish realms, and each dimension is broken into various
levels with an end-boss. When a dimension's rune is collected, the player returns to a central hub from which other levels are

With the 3D environments, a number of dark and detailed textures are used to create an evil-looking atmosphere. The level
architecture is quite astonishing, featuring pillars, lava rivers, cracks in walls, ceiling-support beams and other gothic details.
Nine Inch Nails' ambient soundtrack adds to the experience with subtle but disturbing noises.

Controls are precise, with an emphasis on strafing around monsters, and movement is in full 360 degrees allowing one to view all
aspects of the level. Monsters are innovative and smart, including zombies that tear off their own limbs and throw them as
weapons, undead marines, hellhounds, piranha-like fish, evasive and fast-moving Fiends, sword-bearing knights, and the
menacing Shambler. Likewise, the armaments are excellent, ranging from an axe and grenade and rocket launchers to the
double-barreled shotgun and Nailgun.

Power-ups, such as three different armors, an invulnerable Pentagram of Protection, the devastating Quad Damage and Ring of
Shadows, are strewn about the levels creating a level playing field when fighting certain monsters. These items are also useful
when involved in a deathmatch. Quake is one of the first games to make use of Internet gaming; 16 combatants can face off on a
server or via LAN. Aside from a few lag issues, the engine is stable and runs well on a full server.

From the Manufacturer: Quake was id Software's follow-up to the popular DOOM series, and the game that inspired one of the
most active gaming communities on the internet. Quake is a true 3D first-person shooter and id quickly provided tools to the
community to allow the creation of custom levels and gameplay modifications. Many of the most popular gameplay mods,
including Capture the Flag and Team Fortress, came from the Quake community. If you are playing online, you will want to
upgrade to the Quake World client which will enhance your gameplay.

Special Features: 25 levels, Clear and detailed sound effects, Consistent graphics and frame rate, two player battle mode,
Cutomized controls
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: id Software, Inc.
Release Date: 1996
Developer: id Software, Inc.
Genre: Shooter
UPC: 742725121003
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: M (Mature)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 I
Buy For: $9.99 - $9.99
Condition: [LIKE NEW] "US Retail" Jewel case edition, 100% complete
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Quake (PC Games, 1996)
Ultimate Quake™ (PC Games, 2001)
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