Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds [PC Game]
Developed by: Secret Level - Atari (2003) - Card Battle - Rated: Teen

As in the original collectible fantasy card game from Wizards of the Coast, Inc., players of this online virtual version select a
duelist and two of five deck colors in an effort to defeat rivals by reducing their life to zero. The game offers a single-player
Quest Mode divided into six chapters, each offering up to 15 individual quests. Quests consist of duels between rival opponents,
mini-bosses, and bosses that hold under their power a specific creature or spell. By defeating powerful enemies, players can
acquire magic artifacts to help in battle, along with new spells and monsters to summon. Online support includes a worldwide
ranking and record-keeping function, downloadable content such as clothing and accessories for onscreen duelists, special
tournaments, forums, voice chat, an active friends list, and more.

From the Manufacturer: Magic: The Gathering: Battlegrounds is filled with faithful translations of classic creatures, spells and
enchantments from the premier trading card game in a visually stunning 3D game environment rife with real-time strategic
fighting, devastating wizard arsenals and intense creature combat.

Special Features: Online battles via the internet; over 70 different spells from five spell books providing near limitless fighting
combinations; nine battling wizards 16 epic arenas all based on the magic: the gathering universe; online content spells wizards
and assorted extras updated regularly for player download; comprehensive single player quests allowing duelists to acquire spells
and artifacts.

Warnings: Fantasy Violence
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Atari, Inc.
Release Date: November 20, 2003
Developer: Secret Level
Genre: Strategy
UPC: 742725265394
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / Me / 2000 / XP I
Buy For: $19.99 - $19.99
Condition: [BRAND NEW] [SEALED] "US Retail" Jewel Case Edition: As Pictured
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Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds [PC Game]
Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds [Jewel Case]
Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds (PC Games, 2003)
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