Homeworld: Game of the Year Edition [PC Game]
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Sierra Studios
Release Date: May 11, 2000
Developer: Relic Entertainment
Genre: Strategy
UPC: 020626711159
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: E (Everyone)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / Me / 2000 / XP I
Developed by: Relic Entertainment - Sierra Studios (2000) - 3D Real-Time Strategy - Rated: Everyone

Homeworld is a real-time strategy game set in deep space, played in a truly 3D environment. Fleets of individual ships can be sent
to explore, harvest resources, and engage enemies in all directions -- up or down, backward or forward, and to either side. An
innovative camera system that focuses on objects instead of places offers easy control over the perspective, allowing the player
to follow these units that move freely in open space. Like the main play view, a cube-shaped mini-map can be zoomed in or out
and rotated on all three axes, to let the player view the vast, surrounding area from any angle.

The Mothership -- an enormous structure representing the combined efforts of a planet's entire population over many years --
serves as the base of operations. Here, resources are processed, technologies are researched, and new ships are built to serve a
variety of purposes. While the action in Homeworld plays out in real time, the game can be paused when the player sets research
goals or places build orders. Fleets and individual units can be given orders while the single-player game is paused as well,
permitting the orchestration of elaborate, effective tactical maneuvers.

The main storyline of Homeworld's single-player game follows the Kushan, a doomed race living on an unforgiving planet called
Kharak. In the ancient ruins of the planet's earliest city, scientists discover a piece of an amazing relic, which hints at the
Kushan's forgotten history. Though much is learned from this discovery, including the technology required for interstellar travel,
much of the past and future remain unknown.

Realizing that Kharak will support them for only a few generations more, and inspired by evidence of what may be their true
home planet, the Kushan come together as one, devoting all their energy and resources to a single, great project. The enormous,
space-worthy Mothership is built and hundreds of Kushan are chosen to travel aboard it into the unknown, placed in a state of
suspended animation and packed together as the most precious cargo. The fate of an entire people now depends on the strange
and dangerous journey ahead.
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Homeworld: Game of the Year Edition [PC Game]
Homeworld: Game of the Year Edition [PC Game]
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