Developed by: Fireglow Studios - CDV Software Entertainment AG (2002) - 2D Real-Time Strategy - Rated: Teen

Sudden Strike 2 is a real-time tactics RTT pc game set in WW2. Viewed from an isometric perspective, the player controls many
varied units such as infantry, tanks and artillery, published by CDV software, developed by Fireglow & was released in 2002.

Fireglow follows up its near million seller Sudden Strike with a sequel featuring more than 40 new missions, playable separately or
in five campaigns, 50-plus new units (bringing the total to more than 150), and up to a thousand active units per scenario. In the
five campaigns, based on specific World War II events, you play as one of five different nations at various points in the conflict. In
order of difficulty, the campaigns feature Germany (1943), the United States (1944), Russia (1944-1945), Britain (1944), and
Japan (1942-1945), though they can be played in any order.

The huge array of units in Sudden Strike II consists of multiple types of infantry, artillery, trucks, supply trucks, jeeps, tanks,
armored vehicles, motorcycles, mobile anti-aircraft cannon, mobile missile launchers and artillery, ships, trains, cruisers, and
aircraft. The game utilizes a three-quarters top-down viewpoint, with non-visible areas enshrouded in a "fog of war." Orders,
unit movement, troop gathering, formations, and other actions are accomplished through a menu system and a point-and-click

Weather conditions (clear, rain, fog, or snow) and types of terrain (ground, water, or shallows) affect unit line-of-sight, neutral
units can eventually be recruited to play on your side, and the use of propaganda can actually entice enemy officers or generals
to defect. Multiplayer action is supported via GameSpy, and the goal is to defeat all other enemies and remain the last one
standing, regardless of the number of points earned.
Sudden Strike II [PC Game]
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: CDV Software Entertainment AG
Release Date: September 2002
Developer: Fireglow Studios
Genre: Strategy
UPC: 852898000002
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / Me / 2000 / XP I
Sudden Strike 2 [PC Game]
Sudden Strike 2 [PC Game]
Copyright  2002 - 2009 O'Leary Enterprise's Inc.
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