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The Wheel of Time [PC Game]
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: GT Interactive Software
Release Date: November 10, 1999
Developer: Legend Entertainment Company
Genre: Action
UPC: 742725173187
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 / 98 I
The Wheel of Time [PC Game]
The Wheel of Time (PC Games, 1999)
Developed by: Legend Entertainment Company - GT Interactive Software (1999) - Action Adventure - Rated: Teen

The Wheel of Time is based on the fantasy book series written by Robert Jordan. It is actually a prequel to the book series and
thus, many of the characters will be unfamiliar to the player who has also read the series of books. During the Age of Legends
mankind unintentionally released the Dark One into the world. Through the use of magic, the Dark One was defeated and locked
away once again. However, the special "seals" that were used to imprison the Dark One were lost shortly after he was locked up.
Now, thousands of years later, four opposing forces are in search of the seals.

At the start of the single-player game the Aes Sedai sisterhood have two of the seals but recently had a third one stolen from
them. The head of the Aes Sedai learns that a sect of their sisterhood, known as the Black Ajah, is dedicated to the Dark One and
responsible for allowing invaders to steal one of the seals. You take on the role of Elayna Sedai, Keeper of the Chronicles of the
White Tower and member of the Brown Ajah. Elayna Sedai is the only one who is powerful enough to retire the stolen seal and
therefore has now been given the role of leader of the Aes Sedai.

In the multiplayer games players can be one of four characters: Elayna Sedai, The Leader of the Children of Light, The Hound, or
The Forsaken. Players battle against each other in one of two modes of play: Arena or Citadel. Arena is a deathmatch mode for
up to 16 players where the player with the most kills wins. Citadel is for up to four people and can be set up with either two,
three, or four citadels. Players, or teams, control a citadel and a predetermined number of seals. The objective is to capture one
or more seals from the enemy and place those seals with the seal they already have on their altar. The first thing players must do
in a game is hide their seal(s), place traps and alarms, and distribute troops throughout their citadel.

In both the single-player and multiplayer modes, players do battle using magical artifacts called ter'angreal. The Wheel of Time
includes 40 artifacts, some are used for offense while others are used for defense. Depending on the artifact in possession players
will be able to perform such actions as shoot lightning, hide themselves in a cloak, and swap places with their enemy.

The Wheel of Time can be viewed using either a first-person or third-person perspective. Items displayed on the screen include:
the player's character portrait that displays their current health, number of keys being carried, good affects character is under,
bad affects character is under, a timer (if current level is time-based), and artifacts being carried.
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