Master of Orion 3 [PC Game]
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
Release Date: February 25, 2003
Developer: Quicksilver Software Inc.
Genre: Strategy
UPC: 742725237711
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 / 98 I
Developed by: Quicksilver Software - Infogrames Interactive (2003) - Empire-Building - Rated: Teen

After a six year break, Master of Orion returns to PCs in its third incarnation. This 2003 version of the classic empire-building
game expands upon many of the factors that made the original and its first sequel so popular, offering bigger maps, a greater
variety of ships, and a more robust tech tree. Large galaxies can hold over 250 different star systems that contain as many as
eight planets each. Individual planets themselves may support multiple moons, offering lots of space and resources for new
colonies. The game also features advancements in artificial intelligence, especially concerning diplomacy and combat tactics.
Many of the alien races and themes familiar to veterans of Master of Orion and Master of Orion II return in this edition.

Breaking from tradition, ship combat occurs in real-time here, though in a manner designed to integrate naturally with the rest
of the turn-based gameplay. Unlike most straight RTS games, the Master of Orion 3 players' battlefield influence is more strategic,
less tactical. Instead of the continuous quick-click direction and redirection of individual units, the player may rely on the AI of
individual ship captains to make good tactical choices, each according to its particular situation. Command adjustments and new
orders may also be given in the heat of battle, as needed. Each ship has its own experience and statistics that affect its individual
performance, but ships group together into task forces and it's at this level of organization that most orders are given and
executed. Players head into battle with fleets that may consist of many task forces.

Since the early stages of the game's design, Quicksilver's vision was to retain the style of the classic MicroProse games while
adding more thorough governing options and bringing a deeper level of detail to the many different aspects of galactic conquest.
The player sets the empire's basic policies and goals in the game, then a legion of AI governors helps ensure that these are
properly implemented at all levels of exploration, production, and warfare. Though designed to be a rare necessity, detail-minded
gamers can also choose to micromanage nearly any individual aspect of the empire. Players thus take customized control of the
actions and affairs of diverse planets, ships, and personnel that might flourish across an interstellar realm spanning many parsecs.

From the Manufacturer: In Master of Orion III, players assume the biggest role ever. No longer do players merely represent petty
interplanetary dictators. In MOO3, players represent the controlling power behind an entire galactic civilization. The dictators,
presidents, councils, and overlords that come and go are merely a player?s pawns. One must use these governments and their
leaders to secure the destiny of one?s civilization and to manipulate its policies of freedom and oppression in both foreign and
domestic arenas. It is not enough to be an able economist or a great captain to succeed in Master of Orion 3; considerable
political, administrative, and espionage skills must be applied to craft your civilization?s glorious chapter in the Annals of Time
and Space.
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Master of Orion 3 [PC Game]
Master of Orion 3 (PC Games, 2003)
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