Longbow 2 (PC Games, 1997)
Longbow 2 [PC Game]
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: November 30, 1997
Developer: Jane's Combat Simulations
Genre: Simulation
UPC: 014633101492
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 / 98 I
Copyright  2002 - 2009 O'Leary Enterprise's Inc.
Developed by: Jane's Combat Simulations - Electronic Arts (1997) - Flight Simulator - Rated: Teen

Buckle yourself in, this is no scenic tourist flight! Released in 1997, Jane's Longbow 2 gives the military simulation fan the
opportunity to climb into the cockpit of the AH-64D Longbow, the most lethal American attack helicopter of the '90s! As the
sequel to Jane's Combat Simulations original AH-64D Longbow, released in 1996, Longbow 2 attempts to recreate the weapons,
systems and flight model of the real helicopter with exacting accuracy.

In addition to the Longbow gunship, three other flyable helicopters are included: the AH-64A Apache, the Black Hawk transport
and the smaller Kiowa Warrior scout. All four aircraft must be mastered to complete a variety of scenarios, from randomly
generated instant action missions to more complex single mission assignments. For the gamer new to helicopter simulations,
there are also six interactive training modules in which a voiceover walks you step-by-step through the mechanics of flight.

The heart of gameplay, however, lies in Longbow 2's dynamic Campaign option. Set in Iran and neighboring Azerbaijan, with a
second training campaign in Fort Irwin, California, the dynamic nature of the game guarantees a new conflict with every sitting.
Cumulative results from previous missions are carried forward, with your actions directly determining the course of the battle.
Multi-player capabilities are extensive, with co-operative or deathmatch options for all missions via modem, LAN, direct cable or
Internet play through Jane's online service JanesCombat.Net (www.janescombat.net).

To add to the immersion factor, 3D graphics utilizing Direct3D and Glide based 3D accelerator video cards are supported, with
both terrain and aircraft created using polygon modeling. The chaos of battle is brought to life through radio chatter from
wingmen and other flights. Don't lose focus, or a stinger missile will be quick to take advantage of your lapse in concentration!

Jane's Longbow 2 ships on two CDs and includes a hefty 300 page manual with a foldout reference sheet. All Windows 95
compatible joysticks are supported and separate throttle control is highly recommended. If you have the will to handle the
mightiest attack helicopter in the U.S. Air Force, Longbow 2 will show you the way. Study your maps, know your flight plan and
complete your training because around here there are no friendly skies!
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Longbow 2 [PC Game]
Longbow 2 [PC Game]
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