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Tomb Raider [PC Game]
Developed by: Core Design Ltd. - Eidos Interactive (1999) - Third-Person 3D Action - Rated: Teen

Lara Croft, the daughter of British Lord Henshingly Croft, was born and raised into a world of opulence and privilege. It seemed
assured that at the age of 21, after completing finishing school in Switzerland, she would be married off to the Earl of
Farrington, a wealthy aristocrat. This did not, however, come to pass, as her life took a radical turn for the adventurous after
she was involved in a harrowing plane crash and fight for survival in the Himalayans of Tibet.

The years that followed her experience found Lara immersed in a new life of archeological study, exploration and travelling the
globe looking for hidden knowledge and ancient civilizations. She became skilled at firearms, acrobatics, rock climbing,
swimming and a wide variety of physical activities to aid her in her work. She also became a published author, writing about her
travels and adventures.

The game begins as you, Lara Croft, are contracted by a mysterious businesswoman, Jaqueline Natla, the head of the Natla
Corporation, to recover a lost artifact known as The Scion. This artifact is rumored to possess hidden powers and supposedly is
from the fabled lost continent of Atlantis. The Scion is broken into at least three pieces and Ms. Natla can only direct Lara to the
possible location of one of these, the ancient Incan city of Qualopec in Peru. So your journey begins.

You will be aided in your quest by a pair of 9mm pistols (with unlimited ammo), a backpack (to keep and store items) and a
compass (you'll need this to find your way). You'll start in Lara's mansion in Surrey, which is the first of fifteen massive levels.
Here you can prepare for your impending adventure, as well as practice your acrobatic moves including somersaults, jumps, flips,
backflips, diving and climbing.

Lara's adventure will take you to far-off and exotic locations such as the Caves, the City of Vilcabama, The Lost Valley, the Tomb
of Qualopec and St. Francis' Folly. Other locales include The Colosseum, the Palace Midas, the City of Khamoon, the Great
Pyramid, the Obelisk of Khamoon and the fabled city of Atlantis itself!

The twisting plot will eventually pit you against the woman who hired you (as well as her armed thugs) and reveal her dark
secret. As you seek to unite the shattered artifact, you will solve puzzles and riddles, fight all-manner of beasts from bats and
wolves to a terrifying T-Rex, explore new and mysterious places and collect (and use) various useful items and weapons.
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Release Date: November 10, 1996
Developer: Core Design Ltd.
Genre: Action
UPC: 743175951899
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 / 98 I
Tomb Raider (PC Games, 1996)
Tomb Raider [PC Game]
Tomb Raider [PC Game]
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