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Wing Commander lV: The Price Of Freedom [PC Game]
Developed by: Origin Systems, Inc. - Electronic Arts (1996) - Simulation - Rated: Teen

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom is a mix of interactive movie and space sim. The game has a dynamic mission tree,
which means the player's behaviour will determine the next mission. The videos feature real actors, like Mark Hamill, Tom
Wilson, John Rhys-Davies and Malcolm McDowell. Before the start of each mission, the space craft can be equipped with different
weapons. Sometimes the mission objectives change during flight, and the player has to make decisions what he wants to do next:
e.g. help out his friend or destroy an enemy fighter.

The war against the empire of Kilrah is over and humans have emerged victorious -- but, at what price? Most military personnel
have retired or been discharged from active service, many with little or no skills to rely on in the civilian world.

Former ace pilot Colonel Christopher Blair is now a farmer on a remote dust ball planet. As problems develop within the
Confederation, a new threat arises, seemingly from outside. Recent pirate attacks against Confederation ships have taken a
heavy toll and intelligence suspects the Union of Border Worlds may be involved. The Border Worlds, colonized by humans but too
far out on the fringes of the Confederation empire to be controlled effectively, were the Confederation's staunchest supporter
during the Kilrathi War. But, now that the war's over, can they be trusted?

This and other questions will be answered as players take on the role of Christopher Blair, recalled to military service as part of a
Confed information gathering probe into Border World territory. Players will play through the game's many space combat
missions in a variety of fighters ranging from quick and nimble light fighters to slow heavy bombers. Each mission has one or
more objectives that must be completed before advancing. While flying, players have access to two primary weapons, their ship's
unlimited guns and a limited arsenal of different types of missiles.

The plot in Wing Command IV: The Price of Freedom is actuated through the players' choices of pre-scripted dialogue both during
flying sequences and in full motion video sequences used to advance the story filled with secrets, treachery and betrayal.
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: 1996
Developer: Origin Systems
Genre: Simulation
UPC: 017814100994
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: M (Mature)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 / 98 I
Wing Commander IV: The Price Of Freedom (PC Games, 1996)
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Wing Commander IV: The Price Of Freedom [PC Games]
Wing Commander IV: The Price Of Freedom [PC Games]
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