Slave Zero [PC Game]
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Infogrames North America, Inc.
Release Date: November 19, 1999
Developer: Accolade, Inc.
Genre: Action
UPC: 020295460310
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 / 98 I
Developed by: Accolade - Infogrames North America (1999) - Third-Person 3D Action - Rated: Teen

Imagine piloting a gigantic, walking robot over sixty feet tall through the crowded streets of a futuristic city. That's the gist of
Slave Zero that puts you at the controls of a stolen Slave unit in an effort to battle the tyrannical SovKhan Corporate Dynasty.

SovKhan is based in the heart of Megacity S1-9, a metropolis that sprawls not only outward but upward as well. The colossal city
amounts to little more than a massive, industrial base built to churn out metallic machines of destruction and its pollutants have
already transformed countless thousands of miles of countryside into a toxic wasteland.

The Guardians, an ancient clan of warriors, have sworn to destroy the city and SovKhan with it. They've stolen a cybernetic Slave
unit -- a massive, living war machine whose pilot is bonded permanently with it -- from SovKhan's own production line. Chan, the
most promising warrior within the Guardians, has been chosen to become one with Slave Zero and battle the forces of SovKhan
and Megacity S1-9.

This third-person action game puts the player at the helm of Slave Zero which he or she pilots through the massive 3D city battling
enemy vehicles, robots and Slave units. One of the highlights of the title is the incredible sense of scale it imparts. The massive
vehicle towers over the city streets, allowing you to step on cars and trucks -- or pick them up and toss them around like toys.

Slave Zero is armed with three weapons, each of which can be upgraded by picking up an appropriate power-up. The projectile
weapon starts as a simple machine-gun that evolves via upgrades into a devastating siege cannon. All missile weapons undergo a
similar rise in power, at first firing simple, unguided rockets but are later equipped with independently guided warheads. The
energy weapon fires lasers, plasma and, eventually, apocalyptic Dark Matter.

From the Manufacturer: Take control of a giant mechanical robot and tear through a huge futuristic metropolis. Gun down enemy
robots and kick around city busses like tin cans as you try to climb your way to the top of the multileveled city and face its
tyrannical ruler. Slave Zero is a third person action shooter featuring lots of character and heaping gobs of action. The game
does a good job of making you feel like you're really in control of a giant robot, towering over a thriving megacity.

Special Features: Variety of interactive features; huge mission-based levels; powerful and unique bosses; detailed robot designs
and clear graphics
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Slave Zero (PC Games, 1999)
Slave Zero [PC Game]
Slave Zero [PC Game]
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